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America is facing unprecedented economic problems. The solution to recovery lies in restoring American manufacturing.
As we look at the landscape of the American experience today, we are facing so many problems that it is becoming difficult to imagine that finding a solution is possible. From unemployment to the national debt and the countless subsequent social problems, the magnitude of the challenges facing America is unprecedented.

Given this, the question many are asking is, “What went wrong?” The United States was once the world's unrivalled superpower – the most powerful and wealthy nation in human history.

Today, there is much debate about how to reverse our economic decline and put America back to work. But in observing this debate, a very basic principle is being overlooked. Specifically, no one is discussing the root cause of all the problems facing our nation?

It is time to address this root cause!
Addressing the root cause is the mission of CAM!

Citizens for American Manufacturing (CAM) is working to promote a vital message, comprised of these key points:
  1. The standard of living in America is in serious decline.

  2. This decline is clearly seen in the numerous and widespread social and economic problems that we as a nation are now facing.

  3. All aspects of this decline can be traced to a single root cause – there isn’t enough money.

  4. There isn't enough money because America has been depleting its wealth through decades of trade deficits – sending trillions of dollars out of the U.S. economy.

  5. To restore America’s wealth, the proven solution is for a strong U.S. industrial base to successfully export U.S. products to the world market.

In support of this message, this Website presents a collection of information on solving our long-term economic problems through focusing on the Economic Decline resulting from Depletion of Wealthwealth generating capabilities of manufacturing. Please review the topics presented in the sections of this Website.

It is our hope that you will become more aware of the root cause of American Wealth Depletion. Moreover, it is our hope that you will get involved and contribute to promoting America's next industrial revolution.

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