Get Involved
Get Involved
In a country with so many pressing problems, it is easy to conclude that the role of a single individual is inconsequential. However, the spread of a positive idea, passing from one person to the next, can have a significant impact in aggregate. This is the spirit of CAM.

The message of CAM reaches beyond the prevailing conservative vs. liberal debate. This message is one that all Americans can embrace as it focuses on the very basic root cause that is leading to the debate in the first place.

Whether or not someone leans toward a conservative or a liberal viewpoint, everyone shares the same desire to avoid the trend of wealth depletion that is leading to a decline in the American standard of living a decline that we genuinely believe will remain unchecked unless the concepts of CAMs corrective actions are spread and implemented.

So what can you as an individual do to take action? The following are just a few ways to start.

Stay InformedSpread the Word
Monitor a variety of news sources for real time developments on the economy. Being as informed as possible is essential. A good source of information is the CAM Email Newsletter.  To receive this the Email Newsletter, please join the CAM Mailing List.

Spread the Word
Tell family, friends and colleagues about CAM's mission and Website.  Then encourage them to tell others. Use the message support materials available on the CAM website as tools to direct people to the message.

Reach Your Business and Civic Organizations
If you are affiliated with an organization, you can request that a presenter from CAM speak to your group. To schedule a speaker, please visit our Contact section.

Government Representatives
Contact your state and federal legislators with the message either by mail or in person if possible. Most often, your representatives are interested in hearing directly from their constituents. In this process, the message support materials from the Website can be helpful. Remember your legislators work for you!

If you can recommend other ways to help spread the message, wed like to hear from you. Please email your suggestions to or share your thoughts in the CAM Forum.

Support CAM with your Financial Contribution
By making a contribution to CAM, you can take an active part in helping to promote a critical message to every American. Please visit our Donation page for more information.

Join CAM
Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to become a part of our organization.  By joining CAM, you can join in our effort to create a unified voice for bringing about positive changes for America.

To join, please complete the Contact Form below.


CAM Membership Form
Please Note:  Your information will not be shared with any other organization.  For more information on our membership policies, please see our Policies page.

Please complete the form to become a participant in the mission of CAM.

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